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Just discovered a great Podcast from CBC Radio 3 Sessions. Even greater is a great set by Daniel,Fred & Julie.
Fred Squire solos Pretty Bird and It’s in the Water starting at 30:30

Fred’s banter is hillarious.



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Frederick Squire - Sings Shenandoah and other popular hits
Frederick Squire – All Things Past Serve To Guide You On Your Way

Courtesy of PigeonRow.

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The UK charts seemed to be full of novelty songs and oddities growing up. A large number being theme tunes to TV shows. In the post x-factor/got talent world. Its a shame they don’t exist anymore.

Theme from Auf Wiedersehen Pet – That’s living alright – Joe Fagin


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I’m very excited about this. 19th April 2011.

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Frederick Squire produced my favourite album last year. I never would have found it if I wasn’t living around the corner from soundscapes music. I found these videos a couple of weeks ago while drawing up my list of favourite music from 2010. I wish I was there.

Frederick Squire – Shenandoah

Frederick Squire and Kate Maki – Tropical Survival Guide

Frederick Squire and Kate Maki – The Future of Tradition

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Top 12 of 2010.

My year living in Toronto round the corner from @soundscapesTO turns up 3 Canadian acts (Basia Bulat, Forest City Lovers and Frederick Squire) in my favourites from last year.

Frederick Squire’s album March 12 is stunning. Listen to You sing low and we’ll sing high and tell me you didn’t cry.

Basia Bulat – Heart of my own
Gold Rush


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So long Mick Karn.

I spent a lot of time listening to Japan growing up. I still do. Oil On Canvas gets a regular listen. I was saddened today to find out Mick Karn died due to cancer.

Mojo have an obituary for Mick. Thanks for the music.

Japan – Quiet Life

Japan – I second that emotion.

Japan – Visions of China

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