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Kohie Nawa PixCell – Elk 2 #1

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I was home for Christmas this year. I was going through my stuff which has been at my parents since I left home. Each time I go back and rummage for things to bring back with me. Its never enough stuff for my parents and most of my life is still there.

This year I ripped a whole bunch of CD’s (technically I didn’t bring them back with me as the CD’s went back in the garage) and grabbed a couple of photos that were lying on top of the CD’s. These were both taken in 1988 while at Dartmouth High School Sixth Form.

Front Row (L-R): Diljit Singh, Susan Greenway, Phillipa Geddes, Nadia Bourdouane, Rebecca Moorfield, Yvonne Rosie, Janeene Langton, Claire Blades, Michelle Keats, Vickie Grovner, Susan Holland, Laura Blackstaff, Tervinda Anja

Second Row (L-R): L Clements, Kathy Friar, ?, Louisa Bamfield, Fiona Lapworth, Sharon Smith, ?, ?, Susan Thompson, ?, Rebecca Woodall, ?, ?

Third Row: Louise Allsop, Roberta Tyrell, Sarah Cheshire, Belinda Shaw, Charlotte Salt, Keris Brimble, ?, Claire Joyce, Rebecca Hunt, Joanne Fowler, Julie Matts, Louise Wier, Caroline Hawks.

Forth Row: Richard Dawling, Gary Sollis, Craig Priddey, Chris Moore, Stephen Brayshaw, Richard Mills, Phillip Brayshaw, Simon Plumbe, Steve Walters, Gurpreet Ratra, Sanjay Chouhan, Vimal Nathaan, Simon Fenton, Stephen Collar.

Fifth Row: Clive Kirby, John Williams, Danny Smith, Jason Hall, Mark Fincher, Lee Silverster, David Bevan, D Staples, Phil Lanfort (?), David Farmer, Craig Stamp, Mark Jones, Stuart York, Scott Dale.

Sixth Row: Steven Wilson, ?, A Martin, Michael Fisher, ?, Julian Blakesly, Stephen Powderley, Stuart Wayne, Nick Davis, Craig Richards, Robert Clarke, William Mercer.

Seventh Row: Ian Stubbs, Dominic Ashton, Stuart Armitage, Andrew Bloxham, Mark Smith, Michael Charlton, Matthew Brown, Nathan Hayward, Andrew Wilk, Stuart Elkington, Nigel Read, Stephen Tatman, John Harris.

Sixth Form 1988, originally uploaded by donkey.attack.


The second photo was taken in the Beacon Pub just after we finished our A levels I think. There a few times I would teleport back into. This is one of them. Good times indeed.

Nigel Read, Roberta Tyrell, Belinda Shaw, Stephen Powderly, Stuart Armitage, Charlotte Salt. Tatman down below.
Beacon Pub 1988, originally uploaded by donkey.attack.

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Lost, originally uploaded by donkey.attack.

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Windows on College St

Windows on College St, originally uploaded by donkey.attack.

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Pylon 2

Pylon 2, originally uploaded by donkey.attack.

Great Barr, Birmingham

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Beer and poppers, originally uploaded by donkey.attack.

Just got back from having a great time at Raynor and Jaime’s wedding

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