Bikes and late 80’s sounding indie. What more do you want.

Their first album “By the hedge” is out on Jan 11th.


Mac Excel 2008 doesn’t support utf-8. To import utf-8 files convert them to utf-16 (little endian) and try again. Textmate works well to do this.

I found this from @michaeljaco.

You undoubtedly know this but worth a look. Six Ways Leaders Can Fuel Excellence At Anything http://blogs.hbr.org/schwartz/2010/08/six-keys-to-being-excellent-at.html

The key points are:-

1. Ban words like “talented,” “gifted,” and “special” from your vocabulary. Well meaning as these words may be, they tend to give people credit for something they did nothing to earn, while also suggesting that others don’t have equal potential. Consider replacing these words with ones like “effective,” “determined,” “accomplished,” “skilled,” “persevering,” and “masterful,” all of which give due credit to effort.

2. Regularly, genuinely, and specifically acknowledge and appreciate people’s successes. Believe deeply in their potential, enthusiastically encourage their passions, and don’t be overly fazed by their failures. There may be nothing more motivating to the people you lead than to notice what they’re doing well, and to express your appreciation with detail and specificity. Likewise, there may be no single more powerful act than to handwrite and mail someone a personal note of appreciation.

3. Provide constant feedback. Annual or semi-annual reviews are vastly insufficient and often worthless. Most people don’t improve their skills over time, in large part because they don’t get consistent, specific feedback. That’s different than judgment or criticism. As often as possible, resist pointing out people’s deficits, and focus instead on where you can help them improve or take it to the next level in any given area.

4. Create and protect periods of uninterrupted focus. Don’t demand instant responses from your people all day long. Interruptions fracture their attention, and absorbed focus is a prerequisite to high quality work, especially on the most challenging tasks. Stop measuring your people by how many hours they work, and assess them instead based on the value they produce.

5. Encourage and model intermittent renewal throughout the day. Great performers, the research shows, work intensely for periods no longer than 90 minutes and then stop to recover and refuel. Create a “renewal room” so people have a place to truly chill out. Nothing better fuels productivity in the afternoons than a 20-30 minute nap between 12 and 2 p.m, and encouraging people to exercise at midday runs a close second.

6. Tie the pursuit of excellence to a larger mission. Excellence requires enormous effort. You need to give your people a compelling reason to push beyond their comfort zones. What most of us hunger for is evidence that what we’re doing truly matter and serves something beyond the bottom line. CEOs such as Alan Mullally at Ford, John Chambers at Cisco, and Steve Jobs at Apple have done a great job rallying their people around a higher mission. Start by defining what you truly stand for, share with others what gets you up in the morning as often as you can, and encourage people to go through the same exercise for themselves.

The article is worth reading. http://blogs.hbr.org/schwartz/2010/11/six-ways-leaders-can-fuel-exce.html

If you’re not able to say you’re doing these things. Figure out why and change it.


At work I have a PC for all my horrible SharePoint work and a Mac for everything else. Having separate keyboards and mice was taking up way too much space.

I’ve installed Synergy to solve the problem. It allows me to share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, without special hardware over the LAN. Its really not that secure so only use on a trusted networks. In fact I need to come back to this look at the data being transferred using wireshark. For more info read this.

The set up is straightforward I set my mac up as a server and my pc as a client. The only gotcha was that the pc client couldn’t see my mac by its name and I used the IP.

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I often need to connect to Windows machines from my Mac. Microsoft have developed a Mac client to allow you. How nice. It does exactly what it says on the tin.



To avoid typing in your own user agents. Use this is an extensive list of user agents for most browsers and mobile devices.


Similar to Fiddler on Windows but this version runs on a mac. Handy for debugging those iPhone emulator sessions